Eugene/Springfield's First Local Kolaches!

Sugarmama's Kolaches

This traditional Czechoslovakian pastry is now available for YOU in Eugene / Springfield, exclusively from Sugarmama’s Baking.

Our exclusive recipe comes from our dear friend Becca, who gifted us her grandmother Sybil’s Kolache recipe. We are proud to offer you this delicious dessert in a variety of flavors and combinations. They freeze and store very well. Included with your order, we also provide tips on how best to enjoy your Kolaches.

*There will be a delivery fee for all deliveries starting 9/1/2022. This fee will include traveling time and mileage. 

“Sybils Selection” Sweet Kolaches

“Sybils Selection” Sweet Kolaches1/2 dozen = $18.00$36

Sybil Stojanik was born in Texas in 1918 and is the first generation of her family born in the US.  Her father’s side moved to the US from what is now Moravia, Czech Republic in 1881.  Sybil’s “home place” was special to her.  Not only was it where she was born and raised, but a gathering place for family celebrations.  There was always plenty of food and the porch swing was always popular.  Sybil loved making Kolaches and the recipe Sugarmama’s Baking uses has been handed down for generations and gifted to us by her granddaughter. Choose up to three sweet Kolaches flavors. 36 for a dozen and $18 for a half dozen.

Sweet Kolaches

Sweet Kolaches1/2 dozen = $18.00$36

Our Sweet Kolaches are the first in our area. We have the following delicious flavors year-round: pineapple, apple, lemon curd, and cherry. Half Dozen are $18.00 CLICK TO ORDER.

Savory Kolaches

Savory Kolaches 1/2 dozen= $30.00$54

Savory Kolache flavors are wrapped in dough. BBQ brisket with fresh onions and monetary jack cheese, Breakfast Sausage, jalapeno, sharp cheddar cheese, Chicken and pesto with mozzarella, Italian genoa salami, pepperoni, prosciutto, ricotta, mozzarella, basil, pepper, and sun dried tomato, Thick-cut bacon and white cheddar. Italian meatball with marinara sauce. Half dozen are $30.00 Click to Order.

Did You Know?

You can also order ahead for pickup at the Lane County Farmers Market on Saturdays, between 9am and 2pm.

Now Offering Wholesale Pricing

If you’re a cafe, bakery, store, or local restaurant and are interested in wholesale pricing so you can offer our Kolaches, please fill out this form and we will reach out. 

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